SunWest Aviation offers rental rates that are competitive with any other location on the Central Coast, and the quality of our aircraft makes those prices even more of a bargain. Block rate discounts are also available, with a 5% discount with the purchase of pre-paid time blocks. There are no refunds on block or package accounts. 

**We have removed the fuel surcharge!!!  All rates are as quoted below.**

Aircraft Fleet, Hourly Rates, Equipment and Documents for Download

(Prices on the left are member rates. On the right are non-member rates)

N49681 1979 Cessna 152 II $130 $142
POH Weight & Balance
N4963G 1980 Cessna 172N $160 $171 Garmin 430 GPS Weight & Balance
N20773 2004 Cessna 172SP $175 $193 KLN94 GPS, MFD, Auto Pilot POH Weight & Balance
N3010W 1995 Piper Archer III $165 $180 Garmin 430 GPS POH Weight & Balance
N6999J 1976 Piper Arrow II $198 $216 Garmin 530 WAAS GPS POH Weight & Balance
N5071J 1975 Cessna 310R $495 $545 Garmin 530 WAAS GPS, Multi-Engine

The Cessna 310R (multi-engine) is only available for training with an approved SunWest Aviation flight instructor.

Flight Instruction Rates

Basic Instruction                      $65/hour (for private pilot certificate, flight reviews, checkouts)

Advanced Flight Instruction    $75/hour (includes night, instrument, and commercial)

Multi-Engine Instruction $90/hour

If instruction takes place in a non-SunWest aircraft, instruction rates are $10 higher.
All rates are subject to change without notice.