We serve you on your schedule, not ours.

SunWest Charter specializes in direct non-stop flights for your group of up to five passengers. We fly on your schedule. Select your destination from more than 400 airports (cities) throughout California and adjoining states. We can stand by at your destination and return whenever you are ready to leave, or we can return to pick you up another day.

From start to finish - airline travel was never like this:

  • Private cabins with leather seats and the best views in all of aviation.

  • No crowded terminals or arduous security checks (and yes, you can bring your own drinks or enjoy our complimentary drinks and snacks).

  • Arrive at a VIP terminal at your scheduled departure time and be in the air in minutes.

  • Your cab or rental car can often meet you at the aircraft as you deplane.

  • No plane changes, no airline flow delays, and no lost luggage!

  • Additional passengers, no extra charge.

Land at the airport closest to your destination. We have access to all of the major airports and almost 400 community airports spread throughout the state which are usually more convenient to your ultimate destination.