We're Moving To A New Location on June 15!

We're Moving To A New Location on June 15!

We’re moving! Sunwest Aviation, Inc. is incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be the first tenants in the old terminal building at SBP on 975 Airport Drive. And wait until you see the view! We have been working in conjunction with our landlords to secure a great spot in the terminal building right past where the security lines used to be. We will be open while we move, so please bear with us as we transition to our new facility. We will be fully operational in the terminal by June 15th. Don’t forget to come by and check it out!

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Free Seminar: Risk-Based Flight Review On 11/30

Please join us for our new, upcoming seminar:

Risk-Based Flight Review

by Eric Cook, DPE and Karen Arendt, FPM

Virtually every pilot will need to fly with a Certificated Flight Instructor every 24-months
and is the only chance a CFI has to interact with pilots that don't seek to obtain
recurrent training. We'll examine pilots involved in enforcement action or pilot
deviations and how to complete a flight review with utmost integrity.  We'll cover the
role of the evaluator, how to design a risk-based flight review at the same time as
assessing scenarios in training, tools and endorsements to use when performing a
flight review.

SunWest Aviation, 835 Airport Dr., San Luis Obispo, CA
November 30, 2017  18:30

Click on the link below and register today to qualify for FAAST Wings credits: