Free Seminar: Risk-Based Flight Review On 11/30

Please join us for our new, upcoming seminar:

Risk-Based Flight Review

by Eric Cook, DPE and Karen Arendt, FPM

Virtually every pilot will need to fly with a Certificated Flight Instructor every 24-months
and is the only chance a CFI has to interact with pilots that don't seek to obtain
recurrent training. We'll examine pilots involved in enforcement action or pilot
deviations and how to complete a flight review with utmost integrity.  We'll cover the
role of the evaluator, how to design a risk-based flight review at the same time as
assessing scenarios in training, tools and endorsements to use when performing a
flight review.

SunWest Aviation, 835 Airport Dr., San Luis Obispo, CA
November 30, 2017  18:30

Click on the link below and register today to qualify for FAAST Wings credits:

Private Pilot Ground School by CFI Cody to Start on Aug 30th

Starting on August 30th, SunWest will start offering a ground school intended for VFR students and private pilots. CFI Cody Oliver will be teaching this 10-week class, once a week. The price of $250 will include all supplies, such as a bag, books, E6-B, a plotter, etc.
We intend to also offer commercial classes in the future, and are open for such requests as of now.

Also new: Exam prep and mock check rides
SunWest is also offering individualized exam prep and mock check rides to get you ready for your next big milestone. The usual rates apply.