Join Our Free FAA Seminar on March 23

On March 23 we'll hold a free safety seminar on "Single Pilot Crew Resource Management" at our facility. Don Arendt, PhD, ATP, CFI from the FAA - a well-known figure in the field of Safety Management Systems - will be the speaker. This is an important and useful topic for every safety-conscious pilot.

You can earn FAAST WINGS credits by signing up for this seminar here: or you can just show up without registering.

The seminar starts at 6:30 pm on March 23rd and takes place in our CFI class room on 835 Airport Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA. There is plenty of parking in front of the building.

Seminar synopsis:

Situational Awareness, Workload and Automation Management, Communications, CFIT and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM).  We call these non-technical skills in processing information to make decisions about taking action.  

Helmreich explained there were 6 generations and 103 years of progress through focused training starting with the fact that errors were being made due to lack of effective interaction and communication among crew members, inefficient information flows in effective crew coordination.  While there's no autocractic captain to deal with here, they are still being made as we look for ways to understand how to trap and mitigate the errors.

Learn about the six generations of Crew Resource Management in Air Carrier Operations, what we've learned from multi-crew operations to adapt for single pilot operations and CRM training required for pilots in single pilot operations where only guidance for operators in Pt. 135 multi-pilot operations currently exist.

Videos, brochures and a presentation will be shown to illustrate this discussion. Please note that a short introduction on flight hazard awareness and maneuvering flight will preceed the main event.

Don Arendt, PhD is well-established in the field of Safety Management Systems in the Federal Aviation Administration and holds ATP, CFI/II ASMEL.

This event is brought to you by Sunwest Aviation in San Luis Obispo.