In addition to the time you will spend learning the physical skills of flying, you will have to do a significant amount of studying and book work.  In order to get your license, you will have to take the Private Pilot License written test, as well as pass a oral exam at the time of your check ride.  The information covered in both of these tests will also be crucial to your training as a safe pilot.

To cover the knowledge and written test prep portion of your training, you have four options, allowing you to choose the program that best suits your learning style and schedule:

One-on-one classroom:  You and your instructor can go through the full extent of the material in study sessions.

Ground School:  From time to time, SunWest organizes group-based ground instruction. Call for potential dates.

Interactive Online Programs**:  There are a variety of preparation programs, allowing you to study at home.  This reduces the time spent with your instructor to simply covering any questions you have or things that need clarification.

Home Study**:  You can also do a home study program using FAA resources, such as the Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, the Airplane Flying Handbook, and the FAR/AIM.

**With both interactive online and home study programs, your instructor will reinforce what you are learning and ensure it is incorporated into your flight training.