Think charter is only for the rich and famous?

SunWest Charter may have some recognizable names on our customer list, but the majority of our customers have simply found that chartering with us makes the most sense for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the best reasons to fly smarter by thinking charter!

  • Why travel the night before or the day after your meeting or event? Sunwest Charter gets you to your destination and back on the same day.

  • Don't know how long you'll be there? Don't worry, it is your schedule and we will be standing by, ready to return home when you are.

  • Finish early? Then we will get you back to your home or office early, too.

  • Do you need to bring an associate (or four) or perhaps a family member? There is no additional cost for additional passengers.

  • Work in privacy during your flight, or rest and enjoy the views. You will never stand in line, search for luggage, or make another mad dash to catch a flight only to sit and wait ever again. You will arrive prepared, relaxed, and with the people alongside you need to make the day a success.

Our service is focused on your entire travel mission, whether for business or pleasure. Let us help by coordinating your ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and scheduling needs. Discover for yourself why it pays to Fly Smarter - Think Charter and Fly Sunwest! V