No Lines, No Waiting, No Arduous Security Checks... and you can keep your coffee!

Our service begins the moment you arrive at the airport. If you are leaving from Santa Ynez Valley Airport we will meet you at the terminal building. If you have several or heavy luggage items you can pull directly up to the aircraft. We are happy to carry and load your bags for you.

  • Arriving at the Airport: Your Charter Confirmation will indicate the departure time needed to make your intended arrival time at your destination. There is no need to show up earlier than the departure time specified. We are typically in the air 10 minutes after our passengers' arrival at the airport.

  • Parking at Santa Ynez: Free short term parking is available at the terminal building.

  • Carry-Ons and Amenities: Feel free to bring any items with you into the cabin that you would like*. Under most conditions, you may use music players and other electronic devices during the flight. We have a variety of self-serve complimentary snacks and drinks on board, or you can bring your own.

Other Airports: SunWest routinely operates out of nearly 400 airports in California and neighboring states. As a result we are very good at suggesting the most convenient and stress-free terminals to use at various airports. If you have a particular terminal you would like to use just let us know.    

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.